The Melanie Rieger Conference


It will be replaced by the MIR Memorial Symposium (see below) 

The Melanie Ilene Rieger Memorial Foundation was founded in memory of Melanie Rieger who was murdered by her boyfriend on May 24, 1994. It was created to support the needs of crime victims and survivors while working to educate the public, and work together with other organizations to reduce violence in our communities.


FOR INFORMATION: please call Dr. Sam Rieger at (203) 756-8080 or e-mail:


Among scheduled speakers are DAVID KACZYNSKI detailing his “From Violence to Healing: A Twenty Year Journey”; Houston Police Officer ANDREW KAHAN on “Marketing Murderabilia: Notoreity for Profit”; DEPUTY CHIEF STATE’S ATTORNEY LEN BOYLE and survivors discuss “Frozen in Time: Exploring the Lives of Unsolved Homicide Survivors” and “The Media & Crime Victims” presented by DAN LEVEY, Executive Director of Parents of Murdered Children”.
Special programs for Law Enforcement will include “Child Death/Homicide Notifications”; “Suicide of Law Enforcement Officers”; “DNA: The 21st Century Tool for Solving Unsolvable Crimes” by Dr. Guy Vallaro, Dir. of the CT. Crime Lab and “Ask the Medical Examiner” with Chief Medical Examiner  Dr. James Gill.

Projected Audience: social workers, educators & students, crime victims, advocates and those in correction, law enforcement and criminal justice.